Continuum Powders Launches Greyhound M2P 3.0

November 7, 2023
Press release

Continuum PowdersLaunches Melt-to-Powder Platform Upgrade with Greyhound M2P 3.0

Leading sustainable metal powder provider upgrades highlyflexible, single-step atomization process that generates much lower carbon thancompeting powders

HOUSTON, TX– November 7, 2023 – Continuum Powders, the leader in sustainable metal powder, today announced significant upgrades to its powder atomization platform. The launch and rapid expansion of Greyhound M2P 3.0 positions the company as the most carbon-friendly processor of metal powder on the market, delivering industry-leading quality combined with extreme flexibility, improved cycle times, cost competitiveness, and simply the best path towards decarbonization.


The Greyhound M2P (melt-to-powder) platform is revolutionary because it drastically simplifies the process of recycling alloyed metal waste-stream products into powder in a single processing step. This cradle-to-cradle platform saves massive amounts of transportation, product handling, primary melting and extensive long bar processing operations, not to mention unnecessary mining of elemental metal resources from the planet.

The Greyhound M2P 3.0 will melt and atomize almost any metallic grade of material due to its high intensity transferred DC plasma heat source, yet is flexible enough to allow much smaller minimum order quantities and custom alloy configurations. The process implements a state-of-the-art cold hearth technology, the most proven methodology to trap high density inclusions and assure optimum purity.  Further, there is no use of tungsten or ceramics anywhere in the process.  Recent upgrades allow more throughput and greater flexibility to larger batch quantities as input material and output powder can be continuously replenished without interruption to atomization.  

The upgraded platform will afford customers the same high quality spherical metal powder they use today, while contributing significantly to their decarbonization and sustainability programs by utilizing Continuum’s nearly carbon-free powder materials.

“With this Greyhound M2P platform upgrade, we are solidly putting a stake in the ground as the definitive leader in sustainable metal powders,” stated Phil Ward, chief executive officer of Continuum Powders.  “Continuum’s Optipowder is the new standard for sustainability – it is made from 100% recycled feedstock, with 100% green energy and using green argon atomization gas. It’s hard to beat 100%, that’s what we’re championing today at Continuum.”


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About ContinuumPowders

Founded in 2015 as Molyworks, Continuum Powders is a sustainable metal recycling company, with locations across the United States and in Singapore. Creator of The Greyhound, a patented compact foundry revolutionizing metal manufacturing. The Greyhound eliminates reliance on external supply chains, and enables customized, controlled and internal circularity, unique to each manufacturer's needs. Continuum™ deploys Greyhound technology globally to produce a wide variety of metal powders locally.


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