Decarbonize advanced manufacturing, without compromise
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We are Continuum Powders.

Continuum Powders is the leader in sustainable metal powder and the creator of the Greyhound M2P Platform. We’re the only company that can combine industry-leading quality with extreme alloy flexibility, local supply reliability, cost competitiveness while dramatically reducing carbon footprint versus traditional powders.

Continuum's vision is to significantly reduce the carbon intensity and dependence on mining for metal powder production.

The mission of Continuum is to be the most sustainable, quality metal powder supplier on the planet, providing a direct path to decarbonization, avoiding metals mining altogether.


"The pursuit of sustainability for a fast-growing market can only be achieved with a truly 100% circular mindset."

--Phil Ward, CEO Continuum

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Deliver your sustainability commitments without compromise to cost or quality.

ISO-Certified to deliver all the sustainable metal powder performance reliably, traceable and consistently, as you expect from a reputable, sustainable supplier.


"The Continuum difference is in our dedication to eliminate all waste."

--CCO Greg Bartley

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100% Sustainable

OptiPowder is made from 100% secondary metal raw materials and produced with 100% green powder and upcycled clean argon gasses.


Market Transformation

Continuum is actively partnering with forward-thinking companies in the aerospace, defense, oil & gas, automotive, medical and advanced industry segments.



Continuum Powders Launches Greyhound M2P 3.0

November 7, 2023
Press release

The Greyhound M2P (melt-to-powder) platform is revolutionary because it drastically simplifies the process of recycling alloyed metal waste-stream products into powder in a single processing step.

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