OptiPowder Metal Powders

Continuum OptiPowderTM metal powders accelerate the circular metals economy to carbon neutrality, delivering the most sustainable premium gas-atomized powder for demanding industry requirements.  

Continuum’s Sustainable OptiPowders

Continuum’s OptiPowders are produced by Greyhound M2P gas atomization platform, the world’s most sustainable, reliable and deployable metal atomizer.

Our OptiPowder metal powders are produced with green power and made from sustainable metal sources, such as machine turnings and metal by-products, because this is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce the overall carbon footprint for metals.

We have experience with a wide range of standard and custom alloy metal powders to fit your needs.

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Our powders meet all demanding performance criteria as conventionally manufactured gas-atomized powders.
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Continuum's Suite of OptiPowders (Chart to go across the width)


We are certified as an ISO9001 and SAE AS9100 compliant manufacturer. Our Quality Management System, which governs our internal systems for purchasing, training, manufacturing, order fulfillment and risk management have been audited and meet the standards’ requirements.

AS9100 is an Aerospace-specific version of ISO9001 and includes additional requirements for FOD (Foreign Object Debris) prevention key to metal production for flight-ready parts.

Qualified On:

Over 40 years of plant biologic research.

Years of plant biologic research has been sitting in labs, unable to become commercialized because of the unsurmountable challenges around both production and precision when using plants as bioreactors.

By using the Zea Lighthouse platform, we can deliver minimal variation and high replicability to a targeted expression molecule.

"Using plants to discover, validate, and grow medicines is a decades-old idea that's finally becoming a reality." --Charles Legg, COO of Zea

Continuum supports metal 3D printing projects
Continuum metal powders are used in additive manufacturing
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All the performance you require without sacrificing quality, purity, cost, or the planet.

Decarbonize your Advanced Manufacturing.

Premium quality product - priced competitive. And your easy route to carbon-free metal processing.

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  • OptiPowders meet your precise specs.

    Continuum sustainable metal powders are certified and meet stringent industry and customer-driven specifications.

  • OptiPowder is proven across major print platforms.

    Our gas atomized powders exhibit excellent morphology in sphericity, uniformity and homogeneity. Contact us to learn which print platforms are certified.

  • OptiPowder delivers equivalent finished part properties and characteristics.

    Being equivalent in every way, components produced from Continuum OptiPowder are indistinguishable from other premium powders produced in less efficient ways.