OptiPowder C300

OptiPowder C300

Continuum’s OptiPowders are powered by the Greyhound M2P (Melt to Powder) atomization system, world’s only portable and deployable metal atomizer. OptiPowders are produced from only sustainable sources such as machine turnings and end-of-life parts.

Maraging Steel C300 (UNS K93160)

Maraging Steel C300 is an age hardenable Fe-Ni-Co-Mo steel with exceptional strength, toughness, and resistance to crack propagation. This steel can retain its strength up to 450 deg C.  

Key Applications

Maraging steel C300 is used for transmission shafts, small aircraft landing gear, missile and rocket motor casing, die casting dies, plastic injection molding dies and extrusion tooling.


Continuum OptiPowders are available in all industry PSD standards, and custom PSD ranges on request.