Sustainability for Advanced Manufacturing

From purpose to process, Continuum is reshaping a sustainable metals economy for forward-thinking companies.

Taking metal powder to new sustainable levels.


Continuum has engineered the most efficient and tailored powder metallurgy solutions available today.

Continuum's single-step process approach not only conserves time - but eliminates waste in natural resources from raw materials and energy, enabling a more sustainable future and unlocking new efficiencies for our customers.

At Continuum, we are restructuring the entire value chains, waste-free, where products are never discarded but rapidly and efficiently upcycled back into the material flow.

Our Greyhound M2P foundries are compact and distributable.


Continuum is transforming the industry with major innovations in process, delivery, and sustainability.

From single-step processing to on-(your)-site production, Continuum is replacing traditional supply chain inefficiency with lean and sustainable manufacturing principles.

Continuum's Optipowder is 3-D metal powder that is:
100% recycled.
100% recyclable.
100% traceable.
100% local.
100% produced with green power

Continuum's powders are 100% sustainable.


100% From secondary raw materials
100% Recyclable
100% Traceable
100% Compact and local
100% Produced with green power

"We decarbonize additive manufacturing in just one single step. Locally, efficiently, and sustainably. We are an essential technology for a net zero future."

---Phil Ward, CEO of Continuum Powders

Over 40 years of plant biologic research.

Years of plant biologic research has been sitting in labs, unable to become commercialized because of the unsurmountable challenges around both production and precision when using plants as bioreactors.

By using the Zea Lighthouse platform, we can deliver minimal variation and high replicability to a targeted expression molecule.

"Using plants to discover, validate, and grow medicines is a decades-old idea that's finally becoming a reality." --Charles Legg, COO of Zea

Continuum supports metal 3D printing projects
Continuum metal powders are used in additive manufacturing

Using raw by-products materials is not only environmentally friendly,
it's essential.

Processing by-product materials reduces waste and lowers the carbon footprint.

GREYHOUND M2P IS AN essential technology for a net zero future.

Continuum unleashes supply security.

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    Our foundries can be distributed anywhere around the globe. In the near future, they will be installed at your site, further reducing logistics costs, effort and carbon emissions – eliminating the need to store and transport your by-products through reclamation programs.  In short, your industrial revert can be used on-site to create a new, high-quality powder fast.

    Unlike traditional recycling that collects, sorts, transports and feeds metal to large furnaces with months-long value streams of heating, hot working, transporting and remelting, consuming enormous carbon-rich resources to repurpose, we convert to powder in a single step.


    The same gas atomized powder, to specification, with the morphology, properties and characteristics that your processes are optimized around today.  Produced without all the carbon waste.