3DPrint.com: Greyhound Melt to Powder 3.0 release

November 8, 2023

From 3DPrint.com, Nov 8, 2023

Continuum Powders, once known as Molyworks, is launching its latest innovation: the Greyhound M2P 3.0 powder atomizer. From humble beginnings in shipping containers on a lawn, the company has matured significantly, now positioning itself as a leader in transforming waste into valuable powders for 3D printing. In embracing vital themes like circularity, resilience, decarbonization, energy efficiency, and expanding the industrial base, Continuum Powders is leveraging numerous tailwinds. Its core mission is straightforward: to efficiently and safely produce powders that are instrumental for additive manufacturing.

The Greyhound M2P 3.0, short for Melt to Powder 3.0, is equipped with a DC plasma heat source and is capable of processing small batches. This feature is particularly beneficial for testing or handling various alloys within the same machine. Moreover, the atomizer is designed for continuous operation, allowing for the processing of substantially larger volumes than its predecessors.

“Continuum Powders matches the highest quality performance of spherical metal powders today, but the real aspect that makes them completely disruptive to the industry is their ability to do so at a nearly carbon-zero footprint while being cost-competitive with the market,” said Michael Corliss, VP of Technology at manufacturing firm Knust-Godwin.

“With this Greyhound M2P platform upgrade, we are solidly putting a stake in the ground as the definitive leader in sustainable metal powders. Continuum’s Optipowder is the new standard for sustainability – it is made from 100% recycled feedstock, with 100% green energy and using green argon atomization gas. It’s hard to beat 100%, that’s what we’re championing today at Continuum,” noted Continuum Powders CEO Phil Ward.

With the backing of Ara Partners, Continuum Powders has expanded its offerings to include Ni718 & 625 grades, along with 316 and 17-4 stainless steel, maraging steel, and titanium. The firm also entertains requests for custom powder grades tailored to specific company needs. Continuum markets the Greyhound system as a means of enabling entities to recycle waste on-site. This approach empowers companies, cities, or even countries to establish localized powder production from waste materials, enhancing accessibility and potentially reducing costs. Such self-sufficiency safeguards against supply fluctuations, logistical delays, possible boycotts, or partnership breakdowns, allowing industrial entities to complete manufacturing in-house without reliance on external sources.

In a world marked by increasing geopolitical tension, the ability to produce powder locally is a significant advantage, not just for private industries but also for military applications, considering their extensive supply chains and the high costs associated with transporting materials. Utilizing local materials for on-site production could yield substantial benefits.

This shift towards localized manufacturing also promises environmental advantages by reducing transport needs and recycling materials, which is particularly relevant for end-use products and companies mindful of their operational sustainability.

Continuum finds itself in an exciting phase of growth and potential. However, it is not alone; competitors like Metal Powder Works, 6K, and other firms are also key players in this market. Whether Continuum will emerge as a leader remains to be seen, and their success will depend on how they differentiate themselves and capitalize on their unique strengths in this competitive landscape.