Matt Charles


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Matt Charles is a founder of MolyWorks Materials Corporation, the parent company of Continuum, and has served as Chief Technology Officer since July 2015. He is an industry expert, having designed, fabricated, developed and scaled metallurgical furnace systems. He is credited with the design and build of the company’s first Greyhound. Mr. Charles oversees the design, fabrication and innovation of equipment and production of materials, with a focus on creating intellectual property value, a portfolio of technology and tools for the powder industry, production capability and market share growth.

Mr. Charles has 15 years of experience with metallurgy R&D. Prior to founding MolyWorks, he spent almost a decade in the reactive metals processing industry, focused on Engineering and R&D for Retech Systems, a vacuum metallurgical equipment company. Mr. Charles has also worked in the plastics industry, spent several years in project management for structural metals and custom processing equipment and worked in R&D composites fabrication and filament winding.

Mr. Charles holds a B.S., in Mechanical Engineering from Chico State University. He also holds multiple patents for metallurgical equipment and metal processing.